What is ETF Yourself All About?

The long and the short of it is that I (Rob Isbitts) have spent 30+ years in the investment industry and I have a strong belief that a tactical and contemporary approach leveraging ETFs is what is needed to invest for yourself.

At ETF Yourself, market analysis, investment strategy, and ETF research come together. 

Why should I Be a Premium Subscriber?

All subscribers will hear from Rob 3x per week on market movements, thematic investment pieces, and detailed explanations on his investment process. Premium subscribers get access to suite of tools that represent Rob’s “best thinking” when it comes to ETF research, market analysis, and tactical portfolio construction. This includes:

ROAR Score: Updated each Tuesday or whenever market conditions dictate, the ROAR Score is Rob’s evergreen answer to the question: "If you had a $100 portfolio, how much of it would be playing "offense" and how much would be allocated to playing "defense.""

2- ETF Model Portfolio: Simple and elegant investment approach for beginners to get a "snapshot" opinion about where we believe reward potential and risk potential are in balance.

7- ETF Model Portfolio: This is where we take ETF investing to another level. This includes a 7-ETF model based on Rob’s own taxonomy of segmenting and allocating to different parts of the market accordingly.

ETF Depth Chart (50 ETFs): This 7x7 “depth chart” is designed to provide investors with 49 ETFs (and 1 T-Bill ETF) that represent defensive, neutral, and offensive portfolio positioning, alongside suggested weightings. This enables investors to create their own 7-ETF portfolio based on Rob’s portfolio construction methodology.

ETF Watchlist: The investment world is cluttered. Rob has narrowed a universe of more than 3,000 US-traded ETFs down to 50 he thinks provide significant investment flexibility when used in the format of the depth chart and 7-ETF portfolio. The goal is to reduce the time it takes to research ETFs and make ongoing, tactical investment decisions.

ETF Research Map: Each ETF on our watchlist is rated by us according to what primary role we think it should typically play within a portfolio. We have created 3 different possible roles, which combine to provide portfolio balance, depth and precision.

What About the World Beyond ETFs?

ETF Yourself is one arm Sungarden Investment Research. Individual stocks and options play a key role for more tenured investors and Sungarden Investment Research provides access to Rob’s proprietary, model-signal portfolio, comprised of stocks, options, as well as ETFs.

For those looking to expand beyond the world of ETFs, check out Sungarden Investment Research’s Institutional Portfolio.

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Rob created Sungarden (SIP) after a 30 year career as investment strategist and advisor, thought leader, and journalist. He retired from the advisory business, selling his firm in 2020 to focus on delivering his expertise to a wider audience.